Rick's Pace Car AKA: HO Street Project #1 Hit Counter
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Can you believe I found this new on the Internet
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 It's #23 of only 100 made
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First I got my hands on some serious Kicker equipment,  4 10in L7's And  2  Kx1200's to power them. For  the mids and highs 4 Kicker 6.5's with a Sx850 to power them. We then started building the box. Who knew Lowes only charged 50 cents per cut? I let them do most of the cutting on the 7/8" MDF.
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It's starting to look loud! 
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To be continued..........


Front And Back Shots
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I drive it daily, so it's time to make it loud
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Kicker was very helpful, they designed the box to fit into the area I had to work with. I wish they would have built it, too.  LOL. Since we use the Monte to get to shows and haul all our show gear they didn't have as much box area as they suggested for 4 subs and talked me into only using 2.

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