If you are comfortable with using multiple alternators, check out our OEM replacement alternators
Why buy OEM alternators that are not designed specifically for your need? 

For the price of a re-manufactured or re-wound alternator, you can buy our alternator engineered from the ground up for your specific need. Our alternators are specifically designed to outperform OEM alternators.  With more reliable parts such as high quality bearings, tighter tolerance balanced stators for better noise suppression and less wear, undersized pulleys for better output at low rpm, and a custom built heavy duty rectifier. All this in a "One wire" design to simplify installation.

If a more reliable alternator is what you are looking for, we can build it.

  One wire design for easy installation. The output goes straight to the battery!
  Upgraded Regulator and Custom Built Heavy Duty Rectifier
  Upgraded Double Sealed bearings exceed all A.B.M. specifications.

  Hand Selected Balanced Stators, checked at higher tolerances. 

               Creates less bearing wear, better noise suppression and overall better 


  Undersized pulleys for higher output at low RPM
  High Grade Capacitors for better noise suppression
  Highest Quality Lubrication
  100% Quality Tested components

  V-Belt or Serpentine Belt Compatible

  Made in the U.S.A.

1.866.446.8878 Toll Free

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