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Here are some pictures we took at Competitive Audio in Nixa MO; just a few miles south of Springfield. Thanks to Steve Benton of Get Loud Productions and Tom Johanson for putting on a great show.  Also, we'd like to thank Alan Laake for driving all the way from Iowa.  Was the trip worth it? Well, Alan Laake has the current Missouri State Record at 155.6 in Super Street 1-2. Also, Danny Hays beat the Missouri State record, with a 158.3 in Super Street No Wall. 

For those of you who haven't attended a "Competitive Audio" Event, Tom and the guys go all out.  At this event they provided pop and hot dogs and in return some major players showed up.

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Danny Hays, sponsored by H.O. Alternators, helps out  female competitor Morgan.

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  Here's a pic of the car Competitive is giving away. Stop by an event to sign up!

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